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Beware of fake kazaalite sites!

Kazaa lite free download?

Trying to find a free download of good old Kazaa lite k++? You may have found out already, that there does not seem to be such a things as Kazaa lite free download anymore. If you go to for example you will notice there is no free download of Kazaa lite. Even if you pay you will still not get kazaa lite k++. They will give you another peer to peer software instead - one that is available as a free download elsewhere!

Nowadays the Kazaa network just isn't what it used to be. In addition to the fact that Kazaa lite is almost dead (more about this later), the whole Kazaa network is full of crappy files and viruses anyway. After downloading twenty files from Kazaa you might notice that none of them is what they were supposed to be (not to mention that downloading these twenty files took forever). Many of these fake files seem to have been put there by record companies to mess up the Kazaa network - and it works. Finding real ones is often difficult.

As for the viruses and trojans, you need to be really careful and make sure your computer is properly protected before using Kazaa or any other file sharing program. (Having only one line of defense is not enough when using Kazaa.)

By far the best way to avoid downloading fake files and viruses is to use one of the legal services to download music. You will save a lot of time and frustration and you don't have to worry about viruses, trojans, adware, browser hijackers or anything like that. And it really does not cost that much at all to do it right (see below). You don't have to take my word for it. Try Kazaa or another P2P software and when you are sick and tired of it, come back (remember to bookmark this page now) and take another look at your options for going legal and getting things done.

If not Kazaa Lite for free - what then?

There are several sites claiming to tell you how you can download mp3 files 100% legally (just like Technically they might be right - sort of. Nobody will sue you for downloading files with Kazaa. Sharing copyrighted files with Kazaa on the other hand is definitely illegal.

Even though downloading copyrighted material might not be technically illegal at the moment, it does not mean it is morally ok. The morally right way to download music from the internet is to use a service which will compensate the artists and songwriters who produced the music. There are many services like this available. (For a good list see: Legal music downloads)

The one I recommend (and the reason why this page is sponsored by Easy Donations) is Big Noise Music. Using this service generates donations to Oxfam at no additional cost to you.

  • -
    (separate song and album downloads and streaming, no monthly fee)
  • There are many more excellent services, but they do not generate donations. Please visit to learn more.

    How about kazaa lite com and the rest?

    Many of these sites (those that do not compensate songwriters and artists) are simply taking advantage of the situation where people can't find a free download of Kazaa lite anymore. They are sellling information not software. And the info does not always have anything to do with Kazza. These sites usually only give you the following information:

  • sharing copyrighted material on peer to peer network is illegal
  • downloading from peer to peer network is not illegal
  • where you can download a free peer to peer program
  • how to disable file sharing on this particular program
  • If you really want to pay for that information, then go ahead...

    Perhaps the full version of Kazaa instead of original Kazaa lite k++?

    You probably started your search for a free download of Kazaa lite because you had heard that the original version of Kazaa has adware, spyware, scumware etc. This is true. Most of the p2p programs (not just Kazaa) have some kind of adware attached to them - this is how they make their money. Yes, the program is "free", but you will "pay" for it in terms of pop-ups, banner ads and such and to top it all off you will most likely get your browser hijacked as well. Sometimes you can remove the browser hijacking program after installing the p2p software and sometimes not. Usually the only way to get rid of all of the advertising is to buy the software. Then again it will not be free anymore...

    So if you really want the original version of Kazaa, here goes:
    The real name for the original program is "Kazaa Media Desktop", and the lite version "Kazaa Lite k++" (not Kazza, Kaza, Kazah, Kazzaa etc. which you can often see). The official website is and the rest of the sites with similar names are just that - sites with similar names. Apart from the name they often do not have anything to do with Kazaa Media Desktop or even Kazaa Lite k++. These sites include:,,,,,, etc.

    What if I can find an old version of Kazaa lite k++?

    If you can find it, the old version of Kazaa lite still works more or less. That is one of the peculiarities of the Kazaa network - there is no way for anyone to "pull the plug". Kazaa Lite uses the same network as Kazaa Media Desktop and it seems there is no way anyone can stop Kazaa Lite anymore they can stop the original Kazaa Media Desktop. For an interesting story concerning Kazaa and the FastTrack network see:

    You will probably have a hard time finding any versions of the old Kazaa Lite and nobody is updating it anymore. The makers of the original version of Kazaa Media Desktop are trying to slow down downloads with Kazaa Lite. Sooner or later Kazaa lite will become completely outdated, the downloads will get too slow and might even stop working altogether. As long as it works you will be able to use Kazaa Lite without the adware and will keep the makers of Kazaa Media Desktop from earning their advertising revenue - which I think is actually a good thing. Another way would be to download a spyware remover for Kazaa (like "Diet K") from "". Personally I support the above mentioned legal music download services, so if you want to find the old Kazaa Lite, you are on your own.

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